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Let me Tell you Something: Why I like Movies better than Art
First Joshua Callaghan asked me to write this essay for Media-N, the online journal of the New Media Caucus. I was gratified to discover that Laura Gibson Wing appreciated it (as such, this essay can be thought of as the opening remarks in a conversation, one that is continued here).

The essay can be found here.

Some Thoughts About "New Media" in Quotes
Then Andrew Klobucar asked me to contribute to an issue of the Vancouver-based journal The Capilano Review devoted to new media. The essay has subsequently been published on the site belonging to NeMe, a Cyprus-based organization dedicated to contemporary art and theory.

The NeMe version can be found here. It's also worth checking out the "Tributaries and Text Streams" edition of the original Capilano Review issue, that was created by J.R. Carpenter. On the site you can read the whole essay in its original form, or parsed into fragments that have been put in dialogue with fragments from some of the other essays – a fascinating and eminently relevant way to take in the material.

As it so happens, I've written about "new media" before, in this article.